Sète – South France

I just realised that my new followers on Bloglovin‘ are mostly English speaking, which is why I decided to switch to English – just because I can :P
What I want to show you today are some photos that shall make you feel like you’re on holiday (which is what they’re doing to me). I’ve been spending one week in Sète, which is a place I can definitely recommend for your next holiday in South France! ;) The climate is mediterranean but not too hot with a little bit of wind all the time and the best thing is: nearly no tourists (except me with my camera, so obvious!).


The view from the top of the hill on which Sète is built on is beautiful! The sea is all around and the wind is nearly blowing you away.

IMG_1923 - Kopie

Not all of the town looks like this, of course, but there are lots of narrow streets and corners where you find lovely houses and details which are so worth stopping for a photo!

What you should not miss is the Plage du Lido, a beautiful, long and totally not overcrowded beach with soft sand a view of nothing but the sea.


I’m already starting to miss the warmth of the sun (it’s currently feeling like fall over here in Germany!) and all the fresh seafood I’ve enjoyed while staying in Sète. Since fishing and the harbour constitute the most important part of the economy in Sète, you always have the smell of salt and seafood in your nose while walking through the streets of Sète.