Shopping lately

Today I’m still coping with the fact of living about 500 km away from my boyfriend… we meet every weekend but it feels like that’s not enough. But if I’m lucky, I will have finished all the stuff at university by next fall and be able to move back to Stuttgart or even spend one semester abroad (the two of us together of course :)). Keep fingers crossed that it’ll work out! To keep my good mood on, shopping is a great help :) here are some items that have been on my list for a long time.

So were the black Nike Frees 5.0. And I’ve got a little secret to tell about these. I got them from Zalando and ordered kids size. This works pretty well with all kinds of sneakers as my feet are really small. The best thing about this is that kids size is often half the prize! These were 55 € less than the normal ones and I can’t see any difference, so if you have small feet, go for it! ;) I know that they are made for running but when it comes to that, I prefer the running shoes that are perfectly made for my feet and running manner, so these shoes are for everyday life and they are the most comfortable shoes ever.


Apart from these, I proudly announce my first boots with a bit of a heel in years! Thinking back to 2010, I never wore shoes with heels less than 5 cm due to my height, but after some time I realized that walking around in high heels all the time is damaging not only my feet but also my spine and even my social behaviour. I often resisted to go for walks without my high heels, which wasn’t beneficial for the people surrounding me. The following years I merely bought flat shoes in all forms, because I realized that they can be really pretty as well. What I missed was a classy pair of black boots that work for everyday but also for a nice restaurant, mixed with a black pair of skinny jeans or a pretty little dress. They’re Tamaris and of course very comfortable and quite cheap regarding that they’re made of high quality leather. I also love the golden details that go along very well with my Michael Kors bag, don’t they? :)

IMG_2754 IMG_2755

The following items are by Zara (scarf), LTB (jeans) and H&M (sweater). All of them are perfect for the coming season! The scarf is the biggest I’ve ever bought, it’s even bigger than my ACNE scarf and I love it. I’ve never been really keen in animal prints but I liked this one as it is not too colorful but still leo :) I’ve been craving for a pair of torn jeans for a year but never found some that fitted perfectly. I love boyfriend jeans but unfortunately they’re not made for me. Everytime I try them on I decide to stick to the classy form of skinny jeans and I never regretted it. What I like about that exact pair is that it’s torn but you can’t see my skin anyway thanks to small parts of fabric fixed directly underneath the torn parts of the jeans. What do you think about the sweater? I love it, because actually it’s my first black one and it’s reeaaally chunky! I’d say I’m prepared for winter, are you too?

IMG_2758IMG_2762 IMG_2765

My Istanbul Story


Have any of you ever been to Istanbul? I can only recommend a visit there! As a member of a western world society it was such a great experience to get to know a city that is so different from the popular western european cities like Paris or Berlin. There are so many beautiful spots in Istanbul that even I, as I’m normally a fully organized tourist making sure to see all the sights and important corners in a city, enjoyed just wandering around and strolling through the streets (like in the picture ;)) there are beautiful and colourful buildings perched next to all run down and shabby old houses with lines of laundry streched between them, always with that breeze that comes from the sea and makes the people so open minded and friendly.

I visited Istanbul in the end of September so the weather was perfect, it was warm and already a little chilly in the evenings but it never got too hot for a pair of jeans. I did not wear dresses or skirts or even shorts as I wanted to be sure to respect the culture and religion in Turkey and therefore made sure not to show too much skin. I bought a lovely scarf in a lovely store and yes, I needed that scarf when visiting mosques to wrap it around my head and shoulders like muslim women do to cover my skin and hair.  When it comes to mosques, I admit that the so popular Blue Mosque is stunning from the outside but not worth waiting 1 h to get into it. I preferred to see the Süleymaniye Mosque because it is less crowded, which gives you time to take in the atmosphere, read texts about Islam and the mosque itself and just sit on the floor enjoying the silence.



Mentioning a journey to istanbul, everbody tells you to visit a Hamam. But I didn’t. I’m sure that this can be really relaxing but earnestly? I want to spend time with my boyfriend when I’m on holiday, not naked with 50 other women in one room. Yeah, so I left that out, did I miss anything?

I really liked the Yerebetan cistern which is located directly next to Hagia Sophia. I visited it in the evening, half an hour before closing time, and it was perfect. It was still crowded but not too much so it was quite quiet (haha) and mysterious. I don’t want to talk about Hagia Sophia too much, because it is an experience everybody has to make on his own.  I can just say: bring some time and comfortable shoes! ;) this is important for Istanbul in common as you can reach all important parts of the city by foot. One day we walked from our hotel in Sultanahmet to the Great Bazar and down to the Marmara Sea, back up the hill to the Blue Mosque and over Galata Bridge all the way to Taksim Square in Beyoglu. How many kilometers might that be?! I’d say a lot, but it was a beautiful day. We had a sundowner at Leb-i-Derya, a rooftop bar located in Beyoglu and it was just wow! The wine was one of the best I’ve ever had and the view goes with it.





The ending of the story was a cloudy sunday when we made a boat tour on the Bosporus and I (loving animals) got bit by a stray dog when feeding it. The following hours felt like a nightmare – I went to two private hospitals just to be told that I could get the rabies vaccine in public hospitals only, so I went there and it was horrible. But long story short I got the vaccine after 2 hours of waiting and am now immune to rabies, yay!

What do you think?


It is this time of the year… Though I was born in summer and can’t believe it in spring, every year when the leaves are turning golden and you can listen to the whistling of them falling down, I remember how much I’ve always liked fall. It is the time when you experience so many changes, which can be so refreshing but also so frightening. This fall, I’m experiencing more changes than ever before in my life. Apart from a few smaller issues, I’ve left my beloved city behind me and moved to a new town, which also meant leaving my lovely flat where I was living together with my boyfriend. Now I’m going to live together with two great girls for at least one and half years to finish my master of science. I’m sure it’s going to be a great time, so many new things for me to learn as I’ve never lived together with anyone else than my boyfriend. I will have to study a lot, but being on the train for six hours when visiting my boyfriend is giving me lots of time for this haha. I’m really looking forward to finishing furnishing my room, some pictures are definitely coming up here once I’m done with decorating :)

What I also love about this season is experimenting with clothes and make up. I love wearing cozy sweaters and I feel like I have to shop for some new ones (if I have some money left :)) I’ve already bought a beautiful leo scarf from Zara and there are a few more fall items on their way to me :) maybe I’m doing a shopping post one time or another… what do you think?

But the next post will be about something else: I discovered one of the nicest cities of this world two weeks ago and want to share some of my impressions with you! :) here is a sneak peak, guess where I was! ;)