Make Up Essentials

About two years ago I started reading fashion and beauty blogs. My all time favourite is The Daily Dose, but this isn’t where I’ve learnt most of my make up skills. The truth is YouTube. I was watching the videos of Daaruum over and over, not copying any kind of style but getting inspired by the products she used. I bought my first M.A.C product which was a Paint Pot (bare study to be more precise) and stocked up with more high end make up essentials over time. As you might know from one of my posts (see here) I’m not buying M.A.C products any more but I still love Urban Decay. I started using KIKO products in summer and it turned into one of my favourite cosmetic brands ever! The products are cheap compared to high end and they are definitely of high quality. There are some essentials, however, which I decided not to buy in high end quality. Concealer and loose powder are the two products I apply more than one time a day, every day, so it would be quite expensive on the one hand and on the other I like the Alverde Loose Powder and Catrice Camouflage Cream very much! I admit that I haven’t tried lots of different loose powders, but I’ve tried a bunch of Camouflages and Concealers and decided that the Catrice version works best for me. Check out the pictures for my favourite everyday essentials :)



The pictures are also showing the way I store my beauty essentials. These are the products I use everday or at least regularly. I have one box under the dressing table where I store products that I use from time to time but not regularly. Some might say that this is boring, but I actually use nearly the same products every day because I tend to style a quite natural look for everday life (which doesn’t mean that it takes me less than 15 minutes in the morning! ;)) When it comes to nighttime and going out, I let the eye liner be a little bolder, the bronzer a little darker and the conture in the crease more defined. For daytime I apply a light reflecting concealer under the eyes (Kiko Soft Focus Concealer) and a little more covering version for spots (Catrice Camouflage Cream). Liquid foundation is a little to heavy for my skin so I use no foundation at all or a BB/CC cream or compact powder (Kiko Compact Powder) to give my skin a touch of colour, especially in winter. Because I feel like Bronzer is too dark for conturing my cheek bones, I replaced the Bronzer by a darker shade of loose powder and apply M.A.C Sculpting Cream to highlight the area above the cheekbones and over the eyebrow. A soft pink blush is just perfect to intensify the colour of my cheeks. Can anyone recommend an alternative for the M.A.C Paint Pots? They’re not even close to empty but I use them every day as an eye shadow base and alternate between bare study and soft ochre. A layer of light eye shadow (Urban Decay Foxy or W.O.S) comes before the conturing of the crease. I choose brown or grey shades most of the time and I love M.A.C ‚Club‘ for the night. My best friend is the small Urban Decay Naked Basics palette which is so useful and easy to carry. I use all the shades with regularity and I love them all. I even found one shade for my brows in that lovely eye shadow palette.  The black eye shadow (Crave) is used as a replacement for liquid/gel eye liner ‚cause I think that those are too heavy for daytime. Mascara, next to concealer, is my must have and also among the ‚I buy more than two a year‘ products. I truly tried plenty, but my favourite and animal-testing free Mascara is… can anyone guess? Yes, from Kiko!

How are you storing your make up and which essentials do you need for every day?