I’m Vanessa. I think I’m pretty normal. I’m always trying to live my life up to the best which for me is on the one hand a healthy lifestyle that includes my beloved sports, running and yoga, sleeping a lot, eating and preparing clean and sometimes all vegan food and on the other hand spending a lot of quality time with my loved ones, my boyfriend in the first place. This blog is all about my „Me Time“. I love browsing other blogs, Instagram and Pinterest for nice outfits and clothes that would contribute to my wardrobe, interior design, good food and travel destinations and I love the idea of sharing my experience in these areas of life with you!

What I’m trying to combine is the beautiful side of life like fashion, traveling, good food, a nice home, with the awareness that my behaviour influences nature and other creatures‘ lives. You will find travel diaries, shopping posts and recipes, but you will also get to know my understanding of living without constraints while being conscious about the consequences of my actions. This is what Pics and Phrases is designed to be.

Thank you for your opinion! :)