Rose Golden Brush Set by Zoeva

Big big love! I know I’m not the first one to present these lovelies, but how could I not show them? :) They are sooo photo worthy, beautiful, functional, … they have been on my wish list for one year now, and eventually that dream has come true.



Left to right: Wing Liner, Petit Crease, Soft Definer IMG_2890

Left to right: Concealer Buffer, Face Shape, Sheer Cheek, Silk Finish, Powder

Notice: I’ve already been using them, before taking photos. Shame on me! As you can guess, I’m just a little impatient (not to mention that they’re actually an Easter present…). And there is one more thing to notice… I don’t know if Zoeva is cruelty free. It is not mentioned in my personal bible for cosmetics, neither on the positive nor on the negative side. But the fact that it does not belong to one of the big brands is a good thing, so I decided to give Zoeva a chance. And I’m far from disappointed. I used to apply Concealer with my fingers and never would have thought that using a concealer brush would be any better – but it is. The look is more natural and the concealer lasts longer – trust me! The face shape brush is a little too small in my opinion, but it’s still possible to use the powder brush for bronzer OR just to improve my make up skills ;) I love the brushes for the eye (they’ve been in use daily since they’ve arrived last week).

So, nothing more to mention! I’m planning to clean these new beauties more often than my old brushes and I’m thinking of ordering a second powder brush or something else for bronzer. Can you reccomend a good bronzer brush?

Thank you for your opinion! :)