Heading For Sustainability

IMG_3307I’m back again. With lots of ideas in my head but without any photos. I actually had trouble finding a nice header photo for this post. This blog is called pics and phrases, because I wanted to offer lots of pretty pictures along with lots of reflective words. But I seem to lack creativity and time to capture the moments that are worth showing on a blog like this. Besides, my attitude towards blogging has changed a lot this summer, which is one reason why my blog has remained silent.

The first point is – and I’m still struggling with it – that I decided to not any longer buy clothes that have been produced under „unfair“ conditions. I didn’t watch a documentary report or read a specific blog post at that time. It was just one totally normal day in May (I had just placed a big Zalando order including things I didn’t actually need) when it occurred to me that this wasn’t the right thing to do anymore. Out of the blue. And that was it.

The following four weeks I didn’t buy anything at all. I unfollowed blogs and instagram accounts I had liked so very much. Then I placed an Armed Angels order – and I loved it. But then came the hot days of summer and the pretty off shoulder shirts and all the pretty girls showing them on their pretty blogs (which of course I was browsing in spite of having unfollowed them) and I wanted to have one so badly! So I walked into a Zara store and bought one. It is pretty. But it has been made in India, probably by a woman who is struggling to feed her children with the wage she gets for sewing clothes and who is suffering from very bad health conditions. I still like that shirt but I immediately felt bad the moment I walked out of that Zara store.

Then came fall and I noticed that I needed some basic longsleeves and I only had one thought: I would buy those from ecologically and ethically friendly stores. So I ordered a simple grey shirt from People Tree. And I loved it. (You get it, the story repeats.)

Current situation: I accepted that only by unfollowing „conventional“ blogs and searching for „eco“ blogs like DariaDaria and Bienfaire I would not contribute to the success of my eco plan. So I started follow the girls from The Daily Dose again, which has been my favourite blog since it was founded in 2013. And I am still buying Zara clothes from time to time, but I only buy such clothes that are currently not available in the eco stores I know or that are too expensive for me but that I really do need right now (like a new blazer I needed for the presentation of a University project) AND I do only buy these clothes if they’re produced in Europe – that’s Spain, Portugal or Turkey. I can’t say anything about the working and environmental conditions in these countries but I bet they are way better than down in India or Bangladesh. On the other hand, I ordered this shirt today and I’m so looking forward to having it delivered in November. My eco wardrobe is improving :) moreover, I watched Cowspiracy and The True Cost, which persuaded me even more to stay away from unethical goods.

Alltoghether, I unfollowed a lot of blogs and instagram accounts that I didn’t see any use in and started following lots of sustainability accounts (mainly on instagram) and I love scrolling through my instagram feed and spotting pictures of pretty sustainable fashion (Wakened Apparel), cute animals (Edgar’s Mission) but still some outfit inspiration by The Daily Dose. Having sorted this out, I thought it was time to start blogging again myself and I decided to focus on phrases rather than pics, just because it is more convenient for me. Hopefully I’ll find the time and inspiration to shoot some sustainable things that are part of my life :) the header photo was taken on my summer vacation in denmark – I’ll probably do a post about that next!