LOVE Running

I started running 9 years ago, the year I turned 15. It was just that „I’ve got to do some sports during the summer holidays“ feeling but acutally I didn’t stop after those holidays. It took me 7 years, however, until the idea of participating in some kind of competition came into my mind. It was our hiking trip in Scotland that really taught me how good being active outdoors feels, whatever tricks the weather might play. I started running on a regular base in fall 2013 and it definitely improved my life. Running a half marathon might be frightening to some people and it was all the same to me! I ran two times during the week, did one run on saturdays and one long distance run on sundays. Still, I didn’t feel prepared until the day of the half marathon, especially because of a cold I catched two weeks before the event which forced me to stay in bed – it was impossible to think about running. What maintained my motivation was that I had planned running that half marathon with my best friend. Funnily enough, there hadn’t been one single run we had done together (she lives in France) so we had no clue if our level of fitness was comparable. But it was! The day of the half marathon was one of the best days in 2014. The 6th of April was a sunny, slightly warm day and Freiburg is the best city you can think about to run a first half marathon. There are bands playing music at every corner and people cheering on every bit of the 21 kilometers. My friend and I ran without monitoring the time, our speed or our heart rate and it was just perfect. We finished the 21 kilometers in 2:06 h, which meant a steady pace of 6 min/km and we both didn’t feel exhausted at all! I think we couldn’t stop smirking all day long… ;)

As you can imagine, this great event won’t be my only experience with running a half marathon. I will be participating in Berlin’s Vattenfall half marathon at the 29th of march and I’m so looking forward to it! It’s nothing like last year when I didn’t have a clue of what would await me in the competition. I’m as motivated as never before, I’m running five times a week, despite every kind of weather, at all times of the day and I’m simply loving it. It’s 7.5 weeks to go and my only wish is that I do not lose my motivation and that my immune system won’t let me down! The half marathon in Berlin is a special one because it’s kind of a sightseeing-by-running-tour, starting at Alexanderplatz, crossing the Brandenburger Tor and the Siegessäule, the Kurfürstendamm and Potsdamer Platz, just to mention a few. I’ve been to Berlin two times in my life, but exploring it running is new ;)

I’m running because it improves my feeling of being alive, because it’s fun and beause it forces me to be outdoors when otherwise I would be hanging on the couch all day long. Still, I have aims, because they contribute to my motivation, reasonable aims. I want to be better than last year. That’s all. Or maybe faster than two hours? …

What reliably ALWAYS contributes to my motivation are some new sport clothes – that’s obvious, isn’t it? When my workout plan started in early January, those were really, really helpful:



The sports bras are adorable! The colours are bright and fancy and immediatly turn up my mood when I wake up to rainy weather and the thought of a morning run. I never thought that I would do that, but they look so nice that I could imagine wearing them as a sports top in summer without adding another layer.

I’m also showing you my running shoes – I currently have to pairs in use, both are from Brooks. That’s a coincidence actually, one pair is the one I ran my first half-marathon with and they are just perfect. The ones in the picture are made for short-distance runs ‚cause their shape makes you run faster intuitively. They proof indeed that I’m not lying about the weather and my mood: see how dirty they are!