ACNE and thoughts about fairtrade

Don’t think that I have the money to buy high prized clothing only. I’m a student! But sometimes, especially after Christmas or my birthday, I have some money left, and this scarf is definitely worth paying 130 € for. Some years ago I  owned tons of scarves I didn’t actually wear and I ended up sorting my clothes out, owning some basics, adding some cool stuff and investing in some high quality pieces – like these scarves. I bought the first one in January and have loved it ever since then. I also wore it in summer as a cape over a tee when it got a little chilly in the evenings. I knew from the beginning that I wanted another one of these beauties! So the grey one it is and it’s as perfect as it can be. The dark wine coloured scarf is a bit tricky to combine in an all-pastel and light coloured outfit, but the grey one is just perfect for that! Not to mention how perfectly it matches the current colour of the sky…




What do you think of them? :)

To be honest, I haven’t found the time and motivation to do research about fairtrade clothing. I’m even more glad about DariaDaria where you can find a great list (click) of shops that sell 100 % fair clothing. Due to my current budget and craving for clothes, I won’t say that I’ll shop these brands exclusively from now on, but when it comes to special items that are worth investing some money, these will be on my radar in the first place! I’m speaking of accessoires like bags and scarves mostly but also about the ONE perfect cashmere sweater (I do not own one) or THE perfect pair of high quality jeans.  I’m building up a well ordered wardrobe at the moment, which includes items like the ones mentioned, but it also includes some items that I do not own for now (a classic white blouse, one more pair of all black skinnies, some comfy loafers for spring/summer, just to mention a few). My budget doesn’t allow buying all those stuff fairtrade, so I will still go for Zara and H&M but I’m planning to change this once I’m in the state of having a fixed job and salary.
I’ve already written a post about animal-testing-free cosmetics, in case you’re interested! :)